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Good Afternoon Families

Another busy day in Babies three!
We have been on many adventures together, exploring our outdoor area as well as our indoor play space.
Starting our morning off in our beautiful outdoor area, many of our little learners choosing bikes and balls to explore with their friends. Our spooky cubby also being an interest. Spider the children would say as they pointed to a very large hairy spider that has found a home on top of our house spinning lots of sticky web. ( don’t worry though we know he is only a pretend spider) The children also love recognising the other spooky pictures that are on the house.
Soon it was time to sing our Good Morning song, then as our names were called we stood up and with a high five for Deb one by one our little friends transitioned in to the wash basins to wash their hands all ready for some morning tea.

Some free play after we had finished eating, exploring the array of resources on offer while Shafagh and Deb cleaned the tables ready for our group time activity. All the children gathered around the table waiting eagerly to start a fun learning sensory experience. What could it be!! Staying with our Halloween theme and their interest in messy play and sensory exploration. Shaving foam was squirted all over the table for the children to run their hands through it. A little encouragement for some, not too sure what this soft fluffy stuff was. After we all watched our friends for a little while we decided we wanted in on the fun too. Extending on with this experience and our colour recognition and cause and effect we added orange paint. The children pushed the paint through the mixture saying orange orange as the foam changed colour.

Home corner, books, discovery bottles and our construction area being  some of the children’s favourite acitivities today.

Our 2 littlest learners had tummy time together on the soft mat. Soft blocks, discovery bottles and activity dolls were offered to them to explore.

Halloween dress up today we had Saylor arrive as a scarey but very cute ghost 👻. And Isla as a very yummy ice cream 🍦, even with a cherry on top. Oh Isla you melt our hearts 💚

Thank you Isla for bringing a book in to share with your friends.

We have all had a wonderful day. See you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖