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Good Afternoon Families

Lots of learning fun with shave foam today as a group time activity. All our little learners really enjoyed this amazing sensory experience. Continuing on with our colour recognition of red, we added red paint to the foam. Watching the red swirl through the foam as they mixed it with their hands was a great cause and effect activity. Some of our little friends loved the feeling and the smell of the foam so much they covered their arms and hair with this wonderfully soft foam.

Our little explorers also enjoyed an animal rescue. Helping to develop their fine motor skills as they tried to take the tape off the animals which were stuck to the table. Lots of social and language development  during this great activity. The children talking about each animal as they managed to rescue it. We would ask what noise the animal made and we would say Wow!!! You are all so clever, then explaining to them where each animal lived was a wonderful cultural experience.

We have all had a fantastic day, with all our friends. See you all again real soon.

Have a great afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️