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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a super dooper day Exploring and going on many fun adventures with our friends. During our outdoor play this morning, we decided to go on a bear hunt, we would hide the bear amongst the foam blocks or under one of the boxes and then while we all tried to find it we would sing Were Going On A Bear Hunt ?? we would all become very excited when we found him and squeal and clap in delight. Annie then discovered the bubble wand and asked Miss Deb for bubbles, with so much fun and enjoyment all our little explorers began to chase the bubbles around the outdoor area, blinking when one would pop on their nose. Jaxon was very interested in the large bouncy balls today throwing the ball to an educator or into the air and watch and smile as it bounced to the ground. Kinect sand was a huge hit with all our little ones, all of them very excited as they watched as I got it ready, shells, sand moulds, spoons and paddle pop sticks were added for them to explore the magical sand with.

Our adventures soon moved indoors were our little learners explored their interests. While some busied about in home corner, others had a quiet read. Zac, Annie and Jaxon buzzed about pushing cars and trucks around the room mimicking each other’s noises and moves. Isla was shuffling around in home corner fussing over the baby dolls, placing them in the cot Isla too decided the cot looked very inviting and climbed in  Ha Ha Isla! 
For art today we all enjoyed doing a special card for our Mummys for Mother’s Day Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

We have all had a wonderful day with our friends, singing, dancing, climbing and running. So many fun learning adventures we have been on together with lots of laughs.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb xxoot