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Good Afternoon to our babies three families

Our day began with loads of big smiles from our little learners as they arrived ready for a super fun day of learning adventures.

Our outdoor door area set up with some amazing learning activities. Discovery bottles were arranged  on the table along with a basket full of beautiful books for them to enjoy. Circus tent, home corner and sand play was very entertaining for our little learners as they used their magnificent imaginations as they played in the tent, dug in the sand, scooping it up and pouring it into buckets and containers. Loads of fun as they role played in home corner making beautiful cups of tea for their educators.We had balls to throw and bikes to ride and we helped make a big tower out of our large foam blocks, and clapped and cheered ever so loudly when we pushed it down watching it tumble to the ground.

Today we also started making our Valentines gifts for our Mummies and Daddies. Our little Picarso’s excitedly put their art smocks on ready to start. A variety of colourful paints were placed on the table with different size brushes for our little ones to choose. They splashed and sploshed the beautiful paint over the paper plates just like an artist.

Telephones, blocks, cars and trucks, stacking rings and cups also being popular.

Our littlest learners enjoyed some tummy time, cuddles, activity mat and rocker.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon

Enjoy your afternoon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo