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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day here in our beautiful babies three room

We started our day with Our friends in Babies 1&2 engaging in play with our little friends happily sharing a variety of activities. Balancing beams, slide, books and cars. Soon it was time to transition back to our room. Everyone happily sitting on our soft mat to do our morning song, greeting all our friends before singing a few of our favourite songs before we moved inside for morning tea. Today we had a very productive day. We continued making our special gifts for Father’s Day. As children were so excited about painting, they painted a big piece of paper with lots of colourful paints for our lovely Shaz.

Latter on in the day we extended our planned activity and we made sparkling slime. All of the children helped to make the gooey mixture. Some of our little friends weren’t too sure about the texture and moved away to other interests. Others loved the slime, stretching it and moving their hands through it.

Have a great afternoon everyone, see you all again soon

Love Miss Debbie and Miss Shafagh Xxoo ❤️??