Happy Thursday Babies Three Families…

This morning the Babies Three children practiced their yoga techniques and skills on the yellow yoga ball. The children took turns stretching and balancing on the ball with Miss Leesa and Miss Shafagh’s assistance. We also practiced our breathing techniques by taking big breaths in and then blowing bubbles using the bubble wand. We finished off our yoga morning with some animal poses including the butterfly pose and the frog pose.

The children also enjoyed a game of sleeping bunnies, crocodiles, penguins and tigers.The children hopped like bunnies, snapped like crocodiles, shuffled like penguins and roared like tigers with Miss Leesa. The children then helped pack away as we sang our ‘everybody tidy-up’ song and pretended to ‘flutter like butterflies’ to transition to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea. Today the children enjoyed Magic Breaky Muffins and fresh fruit for morning tea.

After morning tea the children made their way to the green mat for Book Time. Miss Leesa showed all the children our new book shelves on the wall. The children were excited to choose their favourite story book for Book Time. The children chose ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’ story book to share during meal time today .After Book Time the children gathered on the mat for group time. Today we shared felt stories and songs as we practiced our counting skills and identifying colours. The children sang along to 5 Little Rockets, 10 Red Apples Swinging on a Tree and 5 Jelly Fish with Miss Leesa.

Other play experiences today included monitoring and watering the baby plants, climbing and balancing on the confident course, taking turns on the seesaws, ball play and playing follow-the-leader..

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Shafagh