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Good Afternoon Families 😀

Welcome to our adventures in our beautiful babies three room ❤️

Today our little learners were involved in a great sensory experience using  recycled bubble wrap. They were all very interested as they watched me set up the activity, using tape the bubble wrap was stuck down to the table  stopping it from moving all over the table when they were creating their original masterpiece. We offered the children a choice of using brushes or their hands to move the paint over the soft squishy bubbles. We encouraged them to use their hands so as they could experience the feeling of the cool paint and the squishy bubble wrap. Some preferred using the brushes not liking the paint on their hands. Belle, Tyson and Oaklyn loved swishing their hands over the bubbles and through the paint, and poking their fingers into the bubbles popping them. Orlando and Lane enjoyed both experiences pushing their hands into the paint watching as the colours changed when they mixed the paints together. Reaching out for the brush Orlando started to paint his hands concentrating so hard making sure he painted each of his fingers. Lane watched his friend and then reached for his own brush and began to paint his hand too.
All our little explorers enjoyed the containers and Pom poms so much yesterday that we extended on with their interest by offering them the containers again as well as adding egg cartons. Olivia, Lane, Oaklyn,Tyson and Orlando all enjoyed sharing this fun engaging activity together. Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh asking them open ended questions as they played. ( what colours can you see, what do they feel like, do you like the feeling of the Pom poms) We counted them, and sorted them into each hole in the egg carton. They also liked to transfer them back and forwards from the containers to the egg cartons and back again and again. So much fun and learning experiences with this activity ( fine motor skills, pincer grip, communication, colour recognition, social, language development, hand eye coordination, counting and sharing )

On our soft mat we had arranged discovery bottles, self help skill boards, and soft cognitive toys. Our littlest learner Oakley enjoyed this area sharing the toys with his friends. Some tummy time for Master Oakley, placing toys in front and around him just far enough away so he couldn’t reach, encouraging him to use his gross motor skills to push himself along to get to them. Stretching and wiggling Oakley managed to hook one with his finger pulling it towards him he then rolled onto his back kicking his legs and gooing with excitement as he shook the toy to hear it rattle then straight to his mouth it went Yum Yum Yummy! You have to taste test them too don’t you Oakley!! 🤣🤣

Our group time activity was enjoyed by all our little friends, they all sat very still listening to a story about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Before we moved inside for our lunch we sang our Good morning song. The children love waving hello to their  friends when I sing each ones name as I point to them. Other songs we loved listening to and joining in with were Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Incy Wincy Spider, I Can Sing A Rainbow, Open Shut Them.

Thank you all for sharing our day with us, we had so much fun learning as we played.

Have a great afternoon everyone! And we will see all your beautiful faces again soon 🥰

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo