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Good Afternoon Families

Today in the babies three room, we explored the discovery baskets with our friends. Using our imaginations we filled containers with cotton wool balls, pieces of wool and a pine cone or two then using a paddle pop stick we mixed it together. Isla thought it was a good idea to pop it in the play oven to cook. Brass rings made magnificent jingling jewellery, baskets as hats and paper towel rolls were great to use as a bat, Zac happily hitting the balls around the room.

Our two littlest learners spent some time in the outdoor area rolling around on the mat and enjoying watching the trees blow in the wind and smiling at the passer bys. Indoor play also was enjoyed by Lachlan and Kira. Lachlan zooming around the room on his bottom selecting toys from the shelves. Kira happily having tummy time reaching out for the soft blocks and discovery bottles I had placed near her.

Today all the children were involved in making Christmas cards for their Mummy’s and Daddy’s. Super exciting!!

We played with balls, rode bikes and danced to some festive Christmas songs.

Thank you all for coming, we have all had a magnificent day!

See you all again soon

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo