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Good Afternoon Families and welcome to our day!

Today we welcomed a new little friend Kira to our babies three family.  Kira had a happy day and settled in very well. Kira and Lachlan enjoyed each other’s company sharing the sensory blocks and soft teddies on the play mat. Kira loves to smile and have a chat, liking the noise of her voice Kira would chat away to herself kicking her little legs with excitement. What an amazing first day!!

Today we extended on from our interest in our book called “Where Is Mrs Witch” by giving our little learners the opportunity to make their own funny witch. Collage materials of a variety of colours and shapes along with strips of wool for the hair and sticky glue and brushes was placed on the table for our little friends to investigate. All the children loved this activity and created some very unique witches.

During our outdoor play we enjoyed bikes, balls and building with the duplo blocks. We all were involved in building towers to push down with the large soft foam blocks, cheering and giggling loudly when they crashed to the ground. Easel drawing also was lots of fun. We had the choice of textas, chubby  crayons or coloured pencils to colour with. Colour recognition and fine motor skills being implemented through this fun activity.

During our group time activity we shared a book all about feelings called “Mr Pandas Feelings” This was a lovely interactive book which all the children enjoyed being involved in. We spoke to them as a group about their feelings. What makes them sad, what makes them happy or angry. We continued with our learning about our feelings by singing one of their favourite songs. If Your Happy And You Know It.

Thank you all for another wonderful day, see you all again soon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖