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Hello everyone and welcome to our wonderful day here in the Babies three room.

We have all had a fantastic day full of fun learning adventures.

We continued on with our colour recognition, recognising the colour blue. We placed three discovery/sensory trays onto the table for our little learners to explore. In one tray we had lots of fluffy Pom poms of different sizes and a variety of colours. We added small bowls, scoops and empty bottles to the tray for them to explore the pom-poms with. They used the scoops to fill the bowls, we imagined this was yummy ice cream. Carter was fascinated and very focused on placing the Pom poms into the bottle, he happily stayed with this activity for sometime. In another tray we placed pretty coloured fruit loops along with sewers , straws, bowls and spoons for them to investigate the loops. Using lots of control they used their fine motor skills to thread the loops onto the sticks. Filling the bowls using the spoons was a wonderful hand eye coordination activity, concentrating ever so hard not to spill any. In our other tray we used blue knect sand, sand moulds and spoons to create an enjoyable sensory experience . We also added small jungle animals to the sand for them to discover. Lots of language skills being developed as they looked for the animals amongst the sand with their friends, sharing the animal they found and mimicking the noise.

At group time we shared a book called Where Is The Green Sheep. All of our little ones were very interested in this book about colours. With most of our little learners recognising the colours.

Other interests today were blocks, farm animals, bikes, tent and balls.

A big thank you to Birdie and Pip for bringing in a blue truck and Jaxon a  blue car to share with all their little friends.

We are super excited for our blue berry pancake cooking day tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon everyone ? See you all again soon.


Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??