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Good Afternoon Families

Today our interests took us on some big and exciting adventures. During our group time activity we listened to a story about feelings, Miss Deb asked us to show her our happy, sad, angry, sleepy, and scared faces. This was an extension from our art therapy lesson yesterday dealing with our feelings/emotions. Continuing on with this learning experience we all were offered to make our own emotion faces using paper plates and cut out pictures of eyes, nose and mouth. All our little friends enjoyed this activity. Language skills being developed as we asked open ended questions about what makes them sad, happy, angry  and scared.

We had lots to explore in our outdoor area today. Soft foam blocks set up in one area with cuddly animals and books for a moment of solitude or quiet time with a friend sharing books together. Puppets from the jungle set up on the table allowing our little friends imaginations to run wild. Knect sand on the other table with sand moulds and plastic animals to explore the sand with. Bikes, balls and bubbles being of interest as well. Our spooky cubby house was the place to play peek a boo at our friends as they came past, giving everyone a big fright, followed with giggles of course.

Dinosaurs, cars, blocks and our multi cultural dolls had our little learners imaginations working as they built towers, rode the dinosaurs with their friends, pushed the cars along the table and then onto the floor they  Zoomed!! Beep Beep!! Our multi cultural dolls are very popular and get lots of big cuddles.

We have all had a great day, see you again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖