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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome to a little snippet of our amazing day!

With our doors open wide the children enjoyed having the choice of playing both indoors and outdoors. Our outdoor area was set up with loads of fun learning activities. Large foam blocks, bikes, balls and our large dinosaurs were on offer encouraging our little learners to use their imaginations, develop their language skills and build and become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing by sharing these wonderful activities with their friends. We all enjoyed dancing,  moving and grooving along to The Wiggles song Apples and Bananas.

Our indoor activities also had our little ones imaginations running wild as they played together role playing in home corner, using their imaginations as they cooked and cleaned and took care of the dolls. Hand eye coordination and fine motor skills being implemented as they stacked blocks and wooden rings onto a stick counting each one, and some little learners recognising colours.

This week we have been talking to our little friends about vegetables and healthy eating habits. Miss Shafagh was very kind and brought in some vegetables and herbs from her very own garden to share with us. Thank you Shafagh! 😊 The children touched, smelt and tasted the herbs and vegetables, while Miss Shafagh named them. Today we extended on with our learning by using vegetables to paint with. We used yellow, green and orange paint.  Miss Shafagh cut the vegetables for us, there was red and yellow capsicum, carrot, brocolli, and celery. Miss Shafagh put the paint onto some plates then added the vegetables. Lachlan and Lane were very eager to begin, with both hands Lane picked the yellow capsicum up and moved it towards the paper and began to make a wonderful pattern, he then chose the carrot banging it down onto the paper, looking at the pattern it had made then poking the paint with his finger. Lachlan chose the brocolli, first dipping it in the green paint before moving it over to the paper and rolling it around. Wow! The brocolli makes a wonderful pattern doesn’t it I commented to Lachlan, Lachlan smiled in agreement. Kaya and Oaklyn  sat together to do their painting. Excitedly Kaya reached for the carrot first , had a little nibble and then began to stamp the paint covered carrot over the paper. Oaklyn wasn’t too sure about using vegetables to paint with, even with some encouragement she preferred not to, and was happy to just watch her friend Kaya. Olivia and Van were next to try this wonderful sensory experience, Olivia was very serious as she chose her vegetable, deciding on the carrot first followed by the brocolli, Olivia’s favourite though was the celery, being just the right size for her to grasp with her little hand. Dipping it in the paint Olivia smiled, she then began stamping it onto the paper lifting the piece of celery up every now and then and looking at the pattern it made, maybe wondering how this magic was happening. Van wasn’t at all happy about this activity, but with some encouragement Van decided to give it a go. He touched the capsicum first ewwwwww! He gave a little shiver not liking the texture. We then placed all the vegetables onto his paper in front of him and asked him to put them onto the paint covered plates. One by one Van picked them up and placed them back onto the plates. Well done Van we clapped and cheered. Kingston was a little sleepy head today and snoozed through our art activity, so when he woke we offered him the activity to do as a 1on 1 time with Miss Deb. Kingston loved this activity so much, and wanted to use all the vegetables at once. The broccoli tasted so yummy with a splash of green paint and the carrot was great also Ha Ha you are so funny little Kingston 😖🤣 Tomorrow we will extend on with our healthy eating journey by using the herbs to make a beautiful smelling collage.

Thank you all for an awesome day! Until tomorrow Khodahfez meaning goodbye in Persian 💕

So much love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh