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Good Afternoon Families

Today we have been on big adventures both indoor and outdoors. Sand was Nyah’s favourite place to be, digging and scooping with a variety of different objects, shells, cups, spades and cups. Summer was busy throwing balls, chasing bubbles and carefully placing the coloured sticks into the posting boxes, what great hand eye coordination Summer. Carter busied about in home corner placing lots of things into the cupboards and oven. Birdie and Pip shared the dinosaurs making growling noises as they moved them towards each other. Matilda happily sat at the construction table manipulating the wooden blocks and tools, smiling at the passer by’s. Darcy and Zac fluttered about using their imaginations blowing pretend bubbles with their bubble wands.

We have danced, sung songs, climbed the obstacle course, looked through some great books. Home corner , bikes and rockers. Our day has been super fun with loads of learning experiences.


Have a great evening.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo