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Good Afternoon Families

This week we have introduced a new colour YELLOW to our little learners.

All our little friends were involved in a wonderful sensory experience as well as introducing our new colour. We used yellow paint with sand added to it, we then used our hands to spread this unusual mixture over white paper. We will create a magnificent yellow prickly pineapple once their art work has dried. Most of our little learners loved the texture, some not so sure and and reached out for the brush instead.

Story time was enjoyed as we read a touch and feel book extending from our art experience. Our little friends engaging in this fun book by reaching out to touch the variety of textures. Also recognising the colours on each page.

Home corner, blocks and using our special pens to colour. Bikes, balls and rockers. Farm and jungle animals, circus tent and lots of fun music and movement, have made our day full of fun learning experiences.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone and we will see you all again soon.


Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️??