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Good Afternoon Families

Our day has been full of fun learning activities, with all our little learners happy and ready to go on so many adventures together.

All our little ones love playing with balls, today we extended their interest by doing ball painting.

Our group time activity was fun and exciting. We used a tray and then we placed a piece of paper inside  our little learners then chose their paints. Miss Deb helped us squeeze the paint onto the white paper. We added  spikey balls to the tray and paint. Happily they moved the tray tilting it from side to side watching the balls as they rolled through the paint making beautiful patterns.
During our outdoor activities we shared balls, bikes and books. Zac and Carter played peek a boo! around the post. Summer blew bubbles for her friends. Darcy enjoyed the sand pit, counting each shovel full of sand as she tipped it into her bucket.
We sang Old Mac Donald using our hand puppets, and actions to Hot Potato and Rock a Bye Your Bear. Before we transitioned inside we all sat in a circle, rolling the ball to their friends as we said their names.

Our adventures continued indoors with all our friends showing beautiful social and sharing skills. Cars, trucks, cognitive toys, alphabet blocks, shape sorters and musical instruments being a few of their interests.

Thank you for recognising our colour this week ( RED) by sharing something red from home or wearing red. Today Pip wore a jacket with red on. Birdie happily shared a red ball. Well done girls!!

We have all had an Awesome Day!!
Have a lovely afternoon everyone, see you all again soon ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️