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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day, going on many adventures with our friends.
With the doors open wide the children had the choice to explore both the indoor or outdoor area.

Bikes, balls, cubby and large foam blocks being some of their interests. On the tables we had stacking cups and cognitive toys for them to explore. Toy phones and discovery bags had been placed on the mat inviting the children to let their imaginations run wild. A quiet place in our book area was a great place to chill all snuggled up with a cuddly toy and cushions.
Today for group time we all enjoyed ball play. We all sat in a circle and rolled the ball to each of our friends, when it was rolled to someone they got to choose a song/ nursery rhyme to sing. When we finished the song it was then rolled to another little friend. This was a fantastic engaging game, with loads of learning and fun. Our gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, and communication skills being developed. We danced like ballerinas and sang like little angels


In our indoor area the children selected their interests from the shelves and baskets. Discovery bags, blocks, shape sorters and musical instruments being just a few.

All our little friends are big kids now and getting ready to transition to Toddlers next year. To help them transition easier we have started to have the children take their day time nap out of the cot room. The children are super happy helping set up their beds on the floor. They have transitioned very well. We will start to take some of them upstairs to have a little play each day, so as they will be familiar with their surroundings making the transition easier.


PLEASE DONT FORGET TO DONATE TO OUR CLASS RAFFLE!! Thank you to the families who have done so already. If you have sold all your raffle tickets can you please hand the ticket butts and money into the office THANK YOU!!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone 

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo