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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning experiences.

We enjoyed our morning in the great outdoors practicing our balancing skills and spacial awareness as we balanced on the balancing beam. Ran around our outdoor area super fast with our friends as Miss Deb sang our running song
Running To The Corner Running Very Fast
Running To The Corner Getting Their At Last
Were Puff Puff Puff Puffing Puffing Alot
We’re Hot Hot Hot !!
Today during our indoor activities we continued on with our learning about our senses. Taste! As well as our multicultural awareness. We will be tasting different types of food sweet, sour, bitter, spicey and salty from all around the world. Today we started with sour. We placed plates with a variety of food on each plate for the children to try. Lemons on one, bread and Lemon curd on another.  Some of the children loved sucking on the sour lemons ? others not to sure about the sour taste. All the children loved spreading the lemon curd onto the bread then eating it Yummo!! Lemon curd originated from England and was traditionally served as a spread for bread or scones. Birdie and Pip’s Daddy is from England. Our little learners also experienced Shafagh’s favourite childhood sour snack from Iran. It is plum fruit role and some children liked that. We also tasted a sour berry called barberry which is a tiny fruit mostly used in cooking.

Wishing everyone a lovely afternoon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh Xxoo