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Hello and Welcome back ?

We hope everyone enjoyed their Australia Day long weekend and are all well rested and ready for another fun filled week of learning, fun and adventures.

Today a few of our little learners enjoyed painting their covers for their art books, with red, green, glittery blue and yellow paint and thick brushes they set to work.

Outdoor adventures also was enjoyed by our little explorers. Sand, balls, bikes, blocks and lots of bubbles. Theses activities  help our littles ones with their Hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and social skills.

Summer, Darcy, Carter and Nyah seemed to enjoy posting coloured sticks and lids into our recycled baby formula tins. This is a great activity for developing our hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Matilda rolled around on our soft fluffy mat reaching out for the rattles, discovery bottles and coloured blocks that were placed around her. These tummy time activities helps her to build her strength in her neck, arms and legs getting her ready for crawling, as well as hand eye co-ordination and and cause and effect as she reached out to touch and grasp the toys or listen to the noises they made as they tumbled down when she pushed them. Matilda  also enjoyed sitting with her friends Birdie and Pip sharing the connector blocks. Zac was happy to be back from his holidays and couldn’t wait to play with his friends. Zac busied about digging in the sand, kicking balls around the outdoor area with his friend Carter and dove into the colourful balls in the ball pit.

Birdie, Carter and Pip took turns at sitting in the big green bucket, filling the bucket with lots of balls and discovery bottles. Pip and Birdie have been amazing friends today. Sharing their bucket with Carter, looking after Matilda making sure their little friend always had plenty to play with and her dummy to soothe her. Helping Zac with his painting  and always wanting to help pack away. Great job girls!

Group time was focused on the children’s interest as Birdie and Pips  Daddy told us that they love singing and doing actions to Head And Shoulders. All the children loved this song. Row Row Row Your Boat and If Your Happy And You Know It also being favourite action songs of our little learners.

All in all we have had an amazing day today with our friends.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo