Happy Tuesday Babies Three families and welcome to another fabulous day of fun, learning and play at kindy.

This morning during outdoor play the children requested bubble play. Miss Leesa collected the bubble wand and the children gathered to practice their breathing and blowing techniques. The children popped and caught the bubbles as we sang ‘bubble, bubble pop’. The children also enjoyed role play in the outdoor kitchen – using the sand to make breakfast for Miss Leesa – including pancakes and honey – using the bowls and spoons to stir and mix the sand and engage in make-believe play.

Today the children enjoyed making their own Banana Split with coconut yoghurt, stewed pears, sultanas, raspberries, puffed rice and bananas for morning tea. After morning tea, the children made their way to the green mat for Book Time. Miss Leesa added ‘Counting picture books’ to the stories on the mat as the children chose their favourite book to read and share. The children also chose other books from the shelf that were of their interest including the transport and animal books.

This morning we continued on with our sensory play experiences.  Today the children engaged in playdough play as they manipulated the dough and had fun making sausages by rolling the dough back and forth and utilising the rollers. The children also utilised the paddle pop sticks and shape cutters to play and create. The children then had fun with crayon drawing as they chose their favourite colours to draw and practice their fine motor skills and be creative and expressive,

In the afternoon, the children had fun playing with the balls – bouncing and throwing and catching, playing follow-the-leader, playing on the seesaws – singing ‘rock your boat’, reading and sharing the picture books on the rug, having races – pushing the lawn mowers back and forth, baby doll play with the blankets and cots and bubble blowing.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Shafagh