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Good Afternoon Families

A bit of a cooler start this morning, but that didn’t stop our little ones running around and enjoying outdoor activities.
Nyah, Birdie, Pip and Carter practiced their balancing skills on the stepping stones and followed each other along the soft foam blocks. Matilda happily sat herself down in the middle of the sand pit and pushed her hands and feet through the soft cool sand. Playdough also being of interest with our little learners as they poked it with their fingers and squeezed it in their hands. We then added shells, sticks, moulds and cookie cutters for them to explore the playdough with. Lots of fun rolling balls and chasing bubbles through the air, riding bikes and Row Row Rowing on the rockers.

Today for our art activities we used a variety of different textured sponges to paint snow flakes and soft shiny silver glitter to make our snow flakes shimmer. We are planning on making a magnificent Winter Wonderland in our babies three room. Tomorrow we will continue on with our winter theme by painting alfoil icicles.

Pip and Carter shared their interest in the hand puppets, trying each one on, and giggling as they pretend to talk to each other using the puppets. Nyah was very interested in the wooden puzzles, using her problem solving skills and hand eye coordination to move the pieces around the board to the correct space. Birdie was busy in the kitchen getting ready for her dinner party while her sister Pip tried to get the jar of carrots open. Matilda our littlest member of babies three moved around the room investigating every shelf, drawer or cupboard. Dicorvery bottles and musical instruments being her favourite.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning experiences.

Have a great afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon.

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️