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Hello everyone and welcome to our Day!!!

Today we continued on with our colour recognition through art. Our little learners were involved in designing their very own sun catchers. A paper plate with a hole cut in the middle was replaced with sticky contact. A variety of blue collage materials in a range of different textures as well as many shades of blue were placed with the plates for our little friends to explore. This was a super fun learning activity which all of the children enjoyed. Using their fine motor skills and pincer grip to pick the collage material up. Hand eye coordination as they moved the pieces to their plates. Social and language skills being developed as we talked about the colours. Sensory experience also being implemented as they felt the different textures and the sticky contact. Tomorrow we will continue on with our colour recognition and children’s interests. The children are always super interested in the birds that come and land on our fence or fly by, with all our little friends waving hello to them. They will be involved in a wonderful sensory activity using blue feathers creating a very pretty bird.

Other interests our friends were involved in today included books, blocks, home corner and musical instruments.
During out outdoor adventures we rode bikes, kicked balls and enjoyed sharing their interest in the large foam block obstacle course. Our large bead mazes also being of interest as they counted and recognised the colours of each bead as they pushed the beads along the coloured wire.

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning experiences.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??

A big thank you to the Mummies and Daddies for sharing Blue treasures from home or dressing your little treasures in Blue. Helping us to recognise colours in a fun and interesting way.