Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a super fun day full of fun learning adventures.

Our day started in B1 & B2 outdoor area were we enjoyed exploring with our friends. Soft foam blocks, books and lots of bubbles were enjoyed as we chatted, ran with our friends, giggled and engaged in some fun outdoor activities.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to our friends and transition back to our room. With a wave and a smile to our little friends we were on our way singing as we went Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back To Our Room We Go!!

During our morning activities Darcy decided she would do our group time today. Pulling a chair over to our soft mat Darcy sat down and asked all her little friends to sit down too. Darcy then handed out Christmas head accessories she insisted her friends wore. Darcy started clapping her hands and sang our good morning song encouraging her friends to sing along too. That was Amazing Darcy Thank you!!
Morning tea next, and Nyah was our big helper today handing all the water bottles to her friends. Good Job Nyah!!
After we had finished our yummy morning tea and our tummies were nice and full we came  together at the table to do some Christmas activities. Today all our little learners were invited to use their fingers to create a candy cane. A sponge with pink and red paint was placed on the table along with white pieces of cardboard with a candy cane drawn on each one. The children were encouraged to press their fingers onto the paint covered sponges then pressing their little fingers onto the candy cane. All the children loved this wonderful Christmas sensory, hand eye coordination experience.

Some free play in the outdoor area where all the children ran free enjoying self selecting and using their sense of agency to choose from the many activities on offer. Bikes being Matilda and Zacs’s choice. Zac zooming around the yard saying beep beep to his friends letting them know he was coming. Zac was way to fast for Matilda, so Matilda happily chose to ride backwards around the yard. Matilda found this way easier than going forwards. Miss Parisa then came to play. They all lined up on the large foam blocks and started jumping up and down while Miss Parisa sang 8 Cheeky Monkeys Jumping On The Bed. So much fun and loads of giggles were had as they jumped up and down pretending to be the monkeys on the bed. Birdie said more Parisa more please!! Our stacking rings were Pip and Summer’s chosen activity counting as they stacked the rings onto the stick each having a turn. We also had a visit from a man dressed in a red suit with a big fluffy white beard saying Ho Ho Ho and ringing a bell. We were lucky enough to be outside as he was passing by on his way to see the Kindergarten children. Hello Santa!!! Some of the children excitedly ran to the fence for a hand shake and a hello, others were happy to wave hello from a distance.

We have all had a wonderful happy day. See you all again soon

Have a great afternoon everyone!

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo