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Hello to all our beautiful families

We have all had a super fun day. With our doors wide open the children had the choice to explore the inside area or be inside. With loads of activities set out for our little friends to investigate, in both areas.

Home corner, puppets, construction table and farm and jungle animals being a few of their indoor interests.
Carter, Nyah, Birdie, Pip While their outdoor adventures took them on bike rides around the yard. Kicking and chasing the balls. Tumbling, sliding and rolling down the slopey foam blocks. Or sitting enjoying looking through some books.
Nyah taking turns with her friends on the bouncing ponies and rocking horses, also doing lots of dancing to our jiggy tunes as we explored outside. Sand pit being a hive of activity as they dug and raked in the sand with the little shovels, then transferring the sand to the buckets. Our little Learners also enjoyed filling containers up and placing them in the oven or on the stove top in their outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor mat was set up with our posting boxes, shape sorters and loose parts baskets. Darcy, Birdie and Pip enjoyed sharing this amazing learning activity. As they placed the sticks into the post boxes we would count them together or say the colours. All of us giving a big cheer when we had finished.

Our littlest member of our babies three family has been very busy now that she has found her feet and working on her balance. Matilda very proudly pushed the little green chairs around and around the room with a very big grin on her little face so excited at her achievement.

Zac was very interested in the shape sorters and bead maze. Using his fingers to push the coloured beads around the twisty wire, Zac concentrating so hard. Shape sorters too being of interest with Zac and Summer with some help from Miss Deb we placed all the shapes into the correct  place, with a cheer and a clap we would then tip them out and start again.
Today we continued with our learning about the cold wintery weather. Using felt of various sizes and googly eyes ? and lots of sticky glue we  all enjoyed doing a collage of a melted snowman. On black paper we first glued a large piece of white felt then using our pincer grip, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills we glued buttons, nose, eyes, arms, legs and a hat. Miss Shafagh sat and explained to our little ones what they were doing and showed them a photo of a snowman ⛄️ explaining to them that snow is very very cold.

  • Fine Motor Skills– There’s numerous opportunities when creating a Collage for children to develop their Fine Motor Skills, working the tiny muscles in their fingers and hands that are needed for important tasks like to learning to write. Picking up small objects such as felt shapes, and googly eyes. Using the brush to apply the glue and putting the materials onto the paper-all require their Fine Motor Skills. 
  • Creativity- Collages really fuel creativity and imagination, as they can be anything. We created everything from snails and fish to cars! Snow men or fluffy snow.
  • Speech and Language Skills– The children were so chatty  when creating their collages, and it was no wonder- there’s so much to talk about: new textures, soft fluffy felt, sticky glue, hard but smooth googly eyes. A fantastic activity to encourage children to develop their descriptive language.
  • Sensory activity– developing skills aren’t the only benefit of collages for children. Making collages (and playing with collage materials) can be a wonderful sensory experience for a lot of children, with the bright colours, sparkles and different textures

We have all had an amazing day, thank you all for joining us.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone, see you all again soon.

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️