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Good Afternoon Families 😀

Another great day in babies three, all our friends happily engaging in play. This morning we explored our outdoor area while we waited on our friends to arrive. Musical Instruments being the most popular, lists of beautiful music played and songs to be sung. As our little friends belted out some tunes on the drum, xylophone and shakers we sang along singing some of their familiar songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If Your Happy And You Know It, Old Mac Donald Had A Farm. Stacking rings and cups were on offer for the children to explore helping them develop their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they placed the rings onto the stick. We set up a beautiful welcoming cubby with the circus tent using big soft fluffy blankets some soft teddies and cushions as well as books for them to enjoy as they snuggled up for a moment of solitude or a moment to chill with their friends. While others drew some beautiful pictures on the easel or in the scrap books using chubby crayons.

Once all our friends had arrived we moved inside to have our nappies changed, wash our hands and fill our bellies with some delicious morning tea Miss Kristy had prepared for us. Tummies full and we are ready for more fun learning adventures. Home corner, blocks, and our sensory bottles and baskets being a few of their interests. A wooden train track was also set up with trains and cars for them to enjoy. Some of our children enjoyed finishing their Easter bonnets with Miss Shafagh while others enjoyed listening to a book with Miss Parisa.

Before our lunch and rest our little friends enjoyed some more adventures outside. Today for our planned activity we came together as a group to make playdough. Our little learners loved this wonderful learning experience. Counting the measured ingredients as they tipped it into the bowl and taking it in turns to stir the mixture. The fun part was adding the colour, the children chose red and green for their playdough. Soon it was all mixed and ready to play with. We added pizza cutters, cookie cutters in the shapes of pigs, stars, circles, dogs, cats and a duck for the children to expand their imaginations and role play while they pretended to make pizzas, cookies and cakes. We then added pots and pans to the play stove which the children enjoyed using to cook their yummy food using the playdough.

We have all had a fantastic day full of so much fun, exploring and engaging play with our friends. See you all again soon 😀

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo