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Good Afternoon Families

How was your day? We hope your days has been full of adventures and magic moments like ours ūü•į

We have had so much fun exploring messy play today. Goop was set up for them to explore, and explore they did. All our little friends loved the texture of the goop running  their fingers through it, scooping it up with their hands and watching it run through their little fingers. Mesmerised by the feel of this wonderful cool mixture. We then extended on with this wonderful sensory activity by adding shells for them to scoop the goop with, coloured sticks, sand moulds and containers. All our little scientists loved this activity and spent lots of time enjoying it.

Crayon drawing on the easel was a fun way to encourage our little bubs to stand,  strengthening their leg mussels and to help them learn to gain their balance as they get ready to walk.

Musical instruments was set up on our soft mat. Children using their sense of agency choosing their preferred instruments to play.

What do babies learn from musical instruments?
Boosts cognitive skills and sensory development

It is thought that the patterns and rhythms of music help the brain to become faster and more efficient at transmitting information. Babies and toddlers who are exposed to music perform better in areas such as language development, speech, listening and reading skills. As well as having fun!

Our obstical course was enjoyed by our little friends today, balancing on the balancing stones,  rolling on the cylinders using their tummies and crawling/ walking up and over the soft blocks then running down the slope. Balls, bikes and blocks also being of interest with our little friends.
Today for group time we gathered together on the mat to listen to a story. Today the children chose which books they wanted to listen to. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear Brown Bear being the two they chose. We finished our group time singing some of their  favourite songs Five Green Speckled Frogs, Old Mac Donald Had A Farm, If Your Happy And You Know It and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

Thank you for sharing your day with us, have a wonderful afternoon everyone!
loads of love Deb and Shafagh xxoo