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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day, engaging in some amazing learning experiences with their friends

A group activity was set up on the table encouraging our little learners to explore with orange paint and pot scourers. We offered them A4 paper with a Jack o lantern printed on it.  This was a fun learning experience developing their hand eye coordination, colour recognition and language skills as well as providing a great sensory experience.

Musical instruments were selected from the many different resources on the shelves. Isla and Lachlan being quite the musicians as they belted out some beautiful and very loud music. As they used their sense of  agency to choose the instruments of their choice. Piano Lachlan’s and xylophone being Isla’s.

Annie and Summer chatted away in home corner, not too sure what about though. The conversation was very interesting with lots of hand gestures and facial expressions as they discussed the situation. We thought maybe they were discussing who was cooking and who was taking care of the babies.  Annie having the last word as she walked away with the doll and sat the doll in a chair, while Summer got to do the cooking. Matilda also dropping in for a visit on her way past offering her cooking skills and interest in this fun game. Role play, friendships and imagination at its best. So cute!!

Birdie focused on the Harmony stones. Sitting on the floor Birdie placed each one carefully side by side. She then gathered them up moving to a different area of the room. Carefully Birdie began to place one stone on top of the other. Birdie concentrated so hard as she patiently balanced each one.
Birdie had a turn at visiting the gym today with Miss Kim and Miss Kate .Birdie  was super excited as she took Miss Kim’s hand. Biride had a great time balancing on beams, moving around the obstacle course and bouncing on the mini trampoline.

Today during our group time activity all the children decided they wanted to read Where Is The Green Sheep and And Where Is Mrs Witch. Saylor loves being my little helper as she lifts the flaps in the book revealing what is underneath.

Archie and Pip enjoyed pushing the cars back and forwards across the table to each other, giggling as the cars rolled off the end, crashing to the floor. Both of them saying Uh Oh!!!

Our outdoor adventures were full of fun as they ran around and around as we sung their requested song Running To The Corner Running Very Fast. Soft foam blocks, cubby, balls, bikes and rocker being of interest with our little explorers also

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖