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Good Afternoon Families 

We have all had a super fun day with all the babies enjoying each other’s company.

We all enjoyed reading books in the outdoor area with Miss Shafagh. Riding bikes and chasing the bubbles as they floated around us, sometimes we even managed to pop them with our finger. Our obstacle course was popular with Archie as he pushed the dolls stroller up, along and down the other side. We all then decided this looked like fun so we all joined in using the large balls, trucks and other objects to push down the obstacle course, some things not rolling so good.

Our group time activity today was water play. All our little learners become very excited as they watch me setting up the container. Today we used recycled materials to fill up with warm soapy water, bottles containers, scoops, and spoons. We then experimented with a variety of objects seeing which ones floated, sunk or fell apart in the water. Summer and Jaxon happily scooped water up into containers Summer was happy filling containers up with water from the bottle she had filled then tipping the water back into the tub. Jaxon thought he was hilarious as he tipped the water over his feet and clothes, standing up giving himself a round of applause. Annie and Archie couldn’t hold their enthusiasm any longer and both climbed into the tub and rolled around. Archie smiling as he pointed at Annie and said her name, Annie gave one of her famous mischievous giggles back at Archie.

We have all had such a wonderful happy day full of so many laughs and learning experiences. Thanks for joining us.


See you all again soon, have a fantastic afternoon everyone


Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo