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Good Afternoon Families

What a super fun day We have had with all our little learners.

Our day started in our outdoor area greeting all our friends as they all arrived. Archie being our first little explorer to arrive set to work helping Miss Deb set up the ball pit. Archie was super helpful tipping all the balls into the blow up pool ready for all his friends to dive in. Thank you for being such a big helper.

Soon our outdoor area was buzzing with all our little friends sharing, laughing and enjoying their morning of fun learning experiences.

Birdie, Pip and Jaxon were all very eager and excited to try out the new ball pit, jumping in and rolling around squealing with happiness as the balls moved around onto their bodies as they swished amongst the coloured balls. Throwing them in the air and out of the pit watching as they rolled across the grass clapping with accomplishment.

It was quite warm today so we set up an area with water play activities for them to splash in to keep cool. Annie thought this was a great idea and decided she was going to get really wet. Move aside friends Annie is going in, splash.Archie  thought this was a great idea and joined his friend in the nice cool water. Summer and Isla wasn’t to sure about getting wet but with a little encouragement they began splashing and filling up bottles and containers, they even enjoyed having water tipped on their little feet from the watering can.

After a big play outside it was time for more fun adventures indoors. On our mat we placed an array of baskets and boxes filled with a variety of objects. Blocks, rings, coloured sticks, empty plastic jars, recycled bottles, boxes and milk tins provided loads of imaginative play as they used the tins for drums, placed different objects into jars, imagined the box was a car. Saylor decided she was more interested using the baskets for hats not other things, she then started playing peek a boo with her friends Uh Oh where has Saylor gone! Boo!! There she is.

We also had some fun painting very colourful dragons for Chinese New Year.

Thank you all for such an Amazing day Babies Three, see you all again soon. Enjoy your afternoon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo

Some exciting news for all our busy families. We now have our very on tablet in Babies Three for you to sign in and out.