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Hello and welcome to our day here in Babies Three!!

Our day started with big adventures in the great outdoors, playing with our friends from B1 and B2. We rode bikes, chased bubbles and kicked balls. Played peek a boo!! With our friends around the posts. Danced to The Wiggles and rolled down the large foam blocks. Soon it was time for our morning tea, so with a big goodbye to our friends and a big wave B1 and B2 transitioned back to their rooms. Before we went inside we sang our morning song to greet all of our friends. Then with a high five to Miss Deb we moved indoors.

Today we all sat as a group at the table all ready with our art smocks on all excited to do art. Our little learners love watching the Woolworths truck come to deliver the groceries, so based on their interest with the big truck and our colour recognition we all enjoyed painting a delivery truck. Using thick brushes and pretty blue water coloured paint. Once our truck was painted we offered our little friends brushes, glue and pictures of  a variety of fruit, vegetables  and other grocery items we had cut out of Woolworths magazines. As they stuck the pictures into the truck they would tell us what food it was. Well done!!
We sang some of our favourite songs, Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider, Old Mac Donald Had A Farm and Row Row. We also listened and talked about all the colours in our book called The Rainbow Race.

We have all had a fantastic day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ?❤️