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Hello to all our beautiful families

What a beautiful day we have had with loads of fun learning experiences.

After a beautiful morning tea we all moved outside for some water fun. I filled the tub with some cool water and then added some colour. Annie and Isla loved this super idea and jumped right in. Archie also loved the water, using bottles containers and cups to scoop up the water to tip over his friends or fill up the ball pit. Birdie and Pip used the watering can filling it up watering the pot plants and each other. Jaxon also joined his friends filling containers and tipping the water onto his feet, smiling then giving a little shiver as the cool water splashed onto his belly. Summer and Saylor sat back watching their friends before deciding to join in on all the fun and excitement, I filled the watering can and let it run onto their feet, both of them then reaching out and placing their hands into the water splashing enjoying this amazing experience.

Once we had finished our water activity we all sat in a circle and all happily joined in doing our favourite action songs Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If Your Happy And You Know It and I Had A Tiny Turtle.  When it was time to move inside we all listened to our transition song as we clapped and walked towards the bathroom to wash our hands for lunch.

Other activities enjoyed today was or loose parts activities which are on offer, stacking rings, posting boxes, construction table, blocks and discovery bottles and bags. These activities help develop our sensory, hand eye coordination, social and language skills, fine motor skills and  problem solving skills.

Home corner was also the place to be as our little learners whizzed around pretending to cook and serve some yummy fruit treats.

We have all had an amazing day, see you all again soon

Have a great afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo