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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome to our magical day of fun learning adventures!

Today we welcomed a new little adventurer to our Babies three room. Everyone was super excited and interested in getting to know their new friend Lachlan. Making sure Lachlan had plenty of things to play with – books, balls and discovery bottles being just a few of his interests today. Lachlan also had his little hands and feet painted. Lachlan was not to sure about the feeling of the cool paint on his ticklish feet. Lachlan settled into his new surroundings beautifully, and enjoyed the company of his new friends. Lachlan’s big brother Angus who is in Pre Kindy even came for a visit. The brothers enjoyed a cuddle and some play time together.

Our outdoor activities today included balls, bubbles, bikes and our balancing beam. Lots of singing and running around chasing our friends,. Hiding in the tent and singing and playing  Ring A Ring A Rosey with our friends.

We enjoyed listening to a book all about colours which had us moving on to our colour flash cards. All our little learners love this fun learning activity. Recognising each colour as I held up each card. Clapping with excitement as they recognised the colour, ready to move onto the next one.

Our group time activity today was an extension from our Art Therapy lesson on Monday. Sweet delicious smelling textas were placed on the table along with A4 paper for the children to explore with the scented pens. The children enjoyed passing the pens to their friends to smell.

Home corner, stacking rings, blocks and books also being of interest throughout our day.

Thank you all for such a lovely day. See you all again soon.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️