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Happy 1st of July!

We hope everyone has had an amazing day! Our day in Babies Three as been magnificent,  with all our little friends going on many fun adventures together.

We all enjoyed a run around our outdoor area this morning. Bikes, tent and bubbles were some of the fun activities they explored.
Morning group time and our  transition song was super exciting today  as we learnt a new Good Morning song and action songs. We all clapped along enthusiastically as we sang Good Morning To You Good Morning To You Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning to You! Then we would say one of their names and begin to sing again Good Morning To Pip Etc.. everyone waving and saying hello to each of their friends. We also enjoyed doing the actions to  Five Little Speckled Frogs and Jelly On A Plate. All of our little friends loved our new songs and wobbling like a jelly on a plate. After a big High Five we then transitioned indoors. Morning tea was delicious and once our tummies were full we were ready to explore once again.

A little free play while Miss Deb prepared our art experience took our friends on many adventures. Home corner, cars and trucks, discovery bottles and blocks. All our little artists soon discovered the table with a large piece of white paper covering it. They all eagerly stood beside the table waiting to put their art smocks on. Miss Deb then poured brown paint onto the paper. They all excitedly pushed their hands through the cool paint, swishing it all over the paper, we explained this was going to be Humpty Dumpty’s brick wall, following up from making our Humpty’s  on Monday we thought he should have a wall to fall from, Poor Humpty!!
Yesterday our little scientists made red jelly, we had to wait until today  for it to set. We placed the red jelly into individual containers for them to taste then we poured it all together on a large plate for them to explore. We wobbled it on the plate and sang our new song Jelly On A Plate. There was loads of smiles and chatter amongst our little friends during this fun sensory experience and colour recognition activity. They buried their hands in the jelly they hit their hands on it listening to the slapping noise it made. They squished it in their hands and and watched it trickle out between their fingers. They wobbled the plate watching the jelly move. This was one activity they didn’t want to leave.

We have all had such a wonderful day.

Enjoy your afternoon families

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️