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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a very busy day, happily engaging in some fun learning activities.

Our Nursery Rhythm book was enjoyed by all of our little friends, with most of the children joining in with some of the ones they recognised.

Halloween themed activities today included coloured rice of orange, purple and green. Pasta bows dyed black made wonderful bats. The children loved this fun learning sensory experience. We added plastic bugs, snakes, spiders, skulls and eyeballs, as well as scoops, spoons, containers and cups for them to explore the rice with. Our little friends spent quite some time enjoying this activity. Fine motor, hand eye coordination, social skills, small muscle control all being developed.

Our Halloween trick or treat buckets were of interest again today. Our little learners concentrating so hard on this fun activity as they used the tongs to pick up bats, rats, ghosts and funny little monsters then carefully transfer them to the buckets. Lots of beautiful sharing, and communication skills being used.

We balanced on the balance beam, rode bikes and kicked balls. We all enjoyed our outdoor play so much we decided to have our afternoon tea in the great outdoors sitting at our picnic tables. Today we enjoyed our wibbly wobbly jelly we made. Delicious!!!!

Book Week Celebrations 

Don’t Forget To Dress Up  Like Your Favourite Book Character Tomorrow. And please bring a book to share with your friends

Have a great afternoon everyone, see you all again soon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo 💖💖