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Hi Everyone!!
We all started our day with a big explore in our outdoor area. Telephones, bubbles, balls and bikes sparking our interests. Chasing our friends round and round the yard was super  fun, we would giggle so loudly if they caught up. Cars on the car mat along with a variety of blocks in different shapes and lengths were offered to our little explorers to explore. Some happily building towers and some building roads for their cars to drive along, making the Brrrrrrrrr!! and Beep Beep!! noises as they played pushing them around. Some lovely outdoor Alfresco dining for morning tea, followed by some moving and grooving along to The Wiggles and a little bit of Yoga.

Soon it was time to transition inside, we all sat nicely while we sang our Good Morning song and happily greeted our friends with a wave hello!! Some action songs to get our bodies moving then a high five to Miss Deb when we heard our names being sung.
Once inside our little learners were super happy and excited to see paper, crayons and textas on the table for them to investigate. Home corner, books and musical instruments also on offer.

Today for a group activity we used sticky glue to stick yellow bananas into a fruit bowl. Lots of chatter amongst the little friends as they all used the brushes to spread the yellow glue onto the fruit bowl then reaching out to choose either a single banana or a bunch to glue into their bowls. This fun learning activity has helped develop our fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, colour recognition, and language development.

While we happily waited for our lunch to be served we all enjoyed using the hand puppets to sing Old Mac Donald. All our little learners love it when the puppets come to visit.

Cooking day tomorrow, this week we are making yellow ice cream Yummo!!!

Thank you all for joining us today we had a wonderful day!!

Have a lovely afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️??