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Good Afternoon Families

Red Red Red Red!!!! Learning our colours through art, music and books.

Today we all enjoyed painting with red balloons ? red paint and white paper. First we filled the balloons with a little water then air, the water makes the balloon heavy so as it doesn’t float away. We splodged the balloon into the red paint, then we transferred the very slippery paint coloured balloon to the paper. Some of our little learners pressed the balloon onto the paper while some moved the balloon across the paper in swishing motions.

Extending on with the children’s interest in the balloons during our art  activity we blew up more red balloons. Our little explorers enjoyed hitting them into the air then watching them float back down trying to catch them before they landed on the ground.

Home corner, cognitive toys, books and phones also being of interest during our indoor activities.

Outdoor activities was also a fun learning experience as we rode the bikes around the outdoor area with super fast speed. Kicked the balls to our friends. Built the large foam blocks as high as we could then pushed them down, just to rebuild them again. Rocking horses and our  spikey sensory shapes also being explored.

Today for our group time activities we danced to The Wiggles and practised sitting still until our names were called. With a big high five as we transitioned indoors. Well done everyone!!!!

We have had a super fun learning day with all our friends. See you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️