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Good afternoon families and friend,

Today we started our day outside with our friends in Babies 1 and 2. Annie had lots of fun there playing with the slide, prams and balls. Isla’s favorite toy down there was the horse and rockers. She asked me to sing Row Row Row the boat while she was having fun on that.

When we came to our room, our little explorers had quality time playing with soft obstacles. Jaxon and Archie enjoyed to built tower with them and to  wreck them. Annie was so persistence to play with cognitive toys. She got so happy when she could open the doors of each part by pushing or twisting each bottom.

Our group activity was drawing with crayons. babies chose their favorite color and we helped them to draw their hand. They enjoyed color their hands then. this activity helped them to develop their fine motor skill as well as hand and eyes coordination.

Wish you all a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Cheryl