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Book week dress up Thursday 27th and Friday 28th

What’s your little ones favourite book?

Good Afternoon Families

Wow!! What a great day!!
We continued on with our  around the world food journey, enjoying a variety of tastes and textures. Today our taste buds enjoyed sweetness. We discovered  New Zealand being our country of sweet goodness. Afghan biscuits being one of their yummy treats. All our little learners were very eager to begin, with everyone flocking around the table. They all enjoyed being involved in this wonderful cooking experience. Annie, Birdie and Pips background is New Zealand. I wonder if these were their Mummies favourite when they were little. Lots of language skills being developed as we discussed what we were adding to the bowl. Hand eye coordination and fine motor skills being promoted as we all took turns adding the ingredients to the bowl, and used the big spoon to mix it all up. ( we are so grown up ). Then the fun part, we all got to roll the gooey mixture into balls and place them onto the tray ready for the oven. Our little friends all enjoyed counting the biscuits when the trays were full. Once they were cooked and cooled down a little we all got to ice our biscuit with yummy chocolate icing. Afternoon tea was extra special today Mmmmmmmmmm Yummy!!!!!! ??
Tomorrow we will travel to Mexico ?? I wonder what will be on their menu?


We had lots of fun adventures in our outdoor area this morning. Cubby house, balls, bubbles and books. Using our gross motor skills to move the bikes in and out the obstacles. Role play and imagination as we engaged in play with our friends in the sand and circus tent.

Our indoor activities also being equally enjoyable as we explored with white board markers on our new white board easel as well as chunky chalk on the blackboard. Lots of excitement, laughter and chatter during this fun activity. Home corner, Alphabet blocks and cognitive toys also being of interest with our friends.

We have all had a super day, see you all again soon. ?

Have a great afternoon everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??