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Good Afternoon Families

How was everyone’s cold start this morning?? Brrrrrr!!

We enjoyed our morning activities indoors today while the outdoors warmed up. All our little learners love selecting their favourite learning activities from the shelves. Home corner bustled with excitement as all our little friends chose this area first. Loads of delicious food being prepared in the little kitchen by Birdie while Archie brewed a nice hot pot of tea. Jaxon their taste tester arrived wearing a very nice basket hat and spoon in hand ready to try all the yummy food. Once they had finished Jaxon busied about doing the dishes while Birdie entertained Jaxon and Archie with a puppet show. Saylor also helping in the kitchen checking the oven door was shut properly, uh oh now her babies are awake Saylor quickly attends to them. Saylor busy’s about putting her babies into the high chair and the other one on the couch. Then it was Saylor’s turn for a rest, jumping into her babies cot, you are so funny Saylor.

Connector blocks, stacking rings and cars also being of interest during our morning adventures. Archie has shown lots of interest in cars and trucks so he happily played hooking the cars up to the tow truck and pushing them along the table. Pip enjoyed a moment of solitude in book corner, choosing the animal books Pip pointed at each picture on each page telling Miss Deb the animals and noises they make.

Today for our art activity we continued on with our Winter Wonderland themed wall. Sitting with Miss Shafagh we used thick sponges of different shapes to paint on alfoil which will be magically transformed into icicles when they are dry. This was a great sensory experience also as they felt the paint on the Squishy sponges and the shiny smooth alfoil. All our little ones enjoyed this learning activity, not only the texture of the alfoil but the noise it made when they moved the brush over it.

Extending on this learning activity we will be involved in making penguins tomorrow.

Before we moved outside We all helped tidy up. Singing our pack away song, everyone was super helpful putting everything away in the right place. Well done guys!!!!

Lots of fun in our outdoor area before we ate our lunch and settled down for a nap. Sand pit, tent, balls and construction table being a few of our little explorers interests. Isla and Jaxon sat at the construction table busily hammering and screwing in large wooden bolts. Some of the bolts were quite hard to get out once they had been put in securely, making our little Miss Isla climb onto the table to pull them out. Maybe Isla will be the next contestant on House Rules ?


Musical instruments were set out on the table for our little learners to enjoy. Jaxon, Archie, Saylor and Birdie all joined together making beautiful music with the bells, shakers, castanets and xylophone, Birdie preferring to wear the Tamborine as a piece of jewellery or use it to play peek a boo with her friends ??


Beads mazes, bubbles and playing follow the leader with Miss Deb giggling as we wove in and out of obstacles and balanced on the stepping stones and climbed the large foam blocks have all been so much fun during our outdoor play.


Thank you all for a wonderful day, we have been on so many wonderful learning adventures.
See you all again soon, Have an Amazing afternoon everyone ?


Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️