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Good Afternoon Families 😀

How was your day? We hope it was as amazing as ours!
This morning while we waited on our friends to arrive we enjoyed exploring in our outdoor area. There was lots of fun learning experiences on offer, our little learners all happily sharing and engaging in play together. Matilda, Kingston, Nate and Noah came together as a group using crayons to draw on A4 sheets of paper. As they chose a colour we would ask them what colour the crayon was, we would then say the colour to them and then ask them to try and repeat the colour. As they moved the crayons over the paper Matilda entertained them with some beautiful singing. Baa Baa Black Sheep and Row Row Row Your Boat being her chosen songs. Tyson and Lane found lots of little containers full of bright colourful Pom poms. The boys moved the containers to the ground finding it easier for them to explore. As they flipped the lids off they looked at each other with surprise then they continued to empty each container, turning them upside down was Lane’s preferred way, Tyson chose to take them out one by one. Once they had emptied them all they filled them again, using the containers to scoop up the Pom poms or their pincer grip picking them up one at a time. The two little friends sat happily  for some time repeating the process over and over again. Oaklyn enjoyed some thick brush painting on the easel soon joined by her artistic buddy Lane. Oaklyn was being a very helpful friend and helped putting Lane’s art smock on Thank you Oaklyn you are always happy to help. Lachlan watched his friends paint for awhile and then decided to move on, exploring the yard further Lachlan found the black boards choosing a chunky chalk Lachlan wiggled forwards tapping the chalk onto the board, then he offered Miss Deb a chalk. Thank you Lachie I said, do you want me to draw with you I asked, Lachie smiled.

Our Dress up clothes were set up for the children on the soft mat, Oaklyn really enjoyed pretending to be a worker with her Bunnings hat on. Then she was a beautiful bubble fairy with lots of pretty flowers on she floated around the yard waving her wand making lots of pretty bubbles for her friends.. Kingston found a comfortable spot in the block trolley, smiling at his friends as if to say look at me I so clever, now do you want to give me a push Please! 🤣

We have all had a super day, see you all again soon 😊

Loads of Love and Hugs

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo