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Good Afternoon Families

Today we extended on from our Art Therapy lesson. Using a mirror to look at our reflection, we asked the children a variety of open ended questions. Who’s reflection can you see in the mirror. What colour are your eyes, hair. Show me your happy, sad, angry face in the mirror. What makes you feel happy, angry, sad or scared.Our little learners then used thick brushes and bright paint to paint their reflection. Asking them what colour makes you happy etc….Our master pieces were so amazing we wanted to be able to keep each one. So to keep their art work we extended on from this activity by placing paper over their art work, using their hands they pressed the paper and smoothed their hands across the paper. We then peeled the paper back revealing a beautiful piece of art work. This activity was also a fantastic cause and effect learning experience, as well as helping them understand their feelings

Today we were all very excited and eager to start our Christmas gifts for our Mummy and Daddy’s.

During our group time we all listened to a story about a little elf. “That’s Not My Elf” I then asked the children what song did they want to sing. Birdie said ABC, Annie said Five Little Ducks and Pip wanted to sing The Wheels On The Bus.

Loads of fun in our outdoor area enjoying this beautiful weather. Hand puppets, books, bikes and balls were set out encouraging our little friends to explore. Bubbles and dance also getting our bodies moving as we danced along to some  fun energetic songs. Running through all the pretty bubbles we screamed with excitement.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo