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Good afternoon to all a babies three families

Today has been super fun with a variety of learning experiences. In our outdoor area the babies, with some help from an educator enjoyed arranging the large foam blocks around to make lots of challenging courses for them to explore, up,over, down around and through the babies climbed, crawled or walked, all the while helping the babies strengthen their gross motor skills, imagination and spatial awareness. Home corner also was popular as the children used their little imaginations as they role played, busily putting the dolls to bed for a little nap or in the high chair for a bite to eat. Sand play too was very enjoyable as they all engaged in social and sensory play, chatting and smiling along with their friends as they filled buckets with sand, then enjoyed the feeling of the sand as they tipped the sand onto their legs.

Group time time today was thoroughly enjoyed by most of our little learners. Cooked spaghetti was placed onto two trays along with a variety of kitchen utensils for the children to explore. This experience has been extended on from our Chinese New Year Celebrations and sensory exploration. Jaxon was super excited as he watched the spaghetti getting tipped onto the trays and wasn’t wasting anytime getting amongst it. Jaxon decided he wanted to be right in the middle of it and sat bang in the middle throwing and flipping spaghetti everywhere. Summer and Annie also loved the texture and the taste  of the spaghetti and sat side by side enjoying the experience together. They scooped the spaghetti with the spoons and spread it over their legs, at one point they decided it would make a great hat. Saylor also enjoyed this great sensory experience and set about scooping spoonfuls into her mouth using the spaghetti spoon. Birdie and Pip weren’t so keen and happily played with the loose parts on the mat and  shared the farm animals with each other. Isla didn’t like the feeling of the spaghetti at all and decided she would join her friends Birdie and Pip on their adventure far away from this messy activity.

Bubbles, blocks, bikes, rockers, balls, discovery bottles and loads of learning fun has made our day super happy and fun.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon.

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo