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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day full of fun learning experiences. In our group activity today we made bats for our Halloween activity 🦇 🎃. Children were given the opportunity to choose their favourite colours out of green orange or red to paint the pegs which then will be turned into bats. It was a great activity to improve their colour recognition, language skills and fine motor skills.

We also had lots of fun inside and outside. Children were so busy playing in home corner with the dolls.  They loved to take their baby dolls clothes off and then try to put them on again, sometimes needing a little help. One of their other favourites was playing with blocks. Making towers and then watching it tumble down provided lots of fun as well as improve their problem solving skills and hand and eye coordination. When we were outside children had a great time playing with our new Velcro’s ball target, walking on the balancing beam and playing with the construction table and blocks. All these activities help our little explorers to build their muscles, improve their balancing skills and fine and gross motor skills.

Wishing you all a great afternoon

Miss Debbie and Miss Shafagh