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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a very busy day with lots to explore with our friends in B2.

I apologise for not being able to upload more photos today my computer was being difficult.

Sand was our favourite today , we had an array of buckets,rakes, containers and shovels on offer. We loved sharing this learning experience with our friends. Filling containers, scooping with the shovels and making some magnificent sand castles of different shapes and sizes with the containers.

The slide, balls and blocks were Annie and Archie’s interest today. Jaxon and Isla found the large LEGO blocks stacking them high one on top of another while Miss Deb Counted 1,2,3.

We danced to our favourite songs and learnt the actions to one of Annie’s favourites Heads And Shoulders Knees And Toes. We all clapped with excitement as we sang it faster and faster.

All our little friends ate so well today. Loads of fresh fruit, salads and yummy pizza.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb xxoo