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Good Afternoon Families

What a wonderful day full of fun, engaging learning activities.

Extending on with our journey through the magnificent world of colour, with this week being BLUE.

Our little friend Annie shared lots of treasures she collected from home. Blue wooden shapes which Matilda enjoyed shaking, a blue block, a soft blue triangle which we all had a look through. A very noisey tambourine that Deb danced to while a very excited Annie played a tune. A police car ( Archie’s favourite) a very cute blue sheep that made Birdie and Pip very excited saying Baaaaaaaa!!!! very loudly. And everyone’s favourite the phone! Annie was ever so kind and let all of her friends have a turn at pressing the buttons, listening to the noises and watching the lights flash. And let’s not forget the blue squishy squid, which Annie had fun tickling her friends with its long tickle tentacles. We also enjoyed listening to a book of Annie’s called Macca The Alpaca who really liked hugs ? Thank you very much for sharing Annie.

Our art experience today was a fun learning experience, with all our little learners sitting as a group. We were involved in creating a very pretty parrot with red and blue fluffy feathers and lots of sticky glue.

Other interests today were bikes, blocks, rockers and books. As well as lots of funky dance moves and singing.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ?❤️