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Good Afternoon Families

We all enjoyed free creative play experiences today. All our little learners enjoying the independence and sense of agency choosing their activities from a variety of learning activities on offer.
Our construction table being of interest with our little friends, as they all engaged in play together around the table. Loads of very noisy banging and chatter as they busied about. Sharing with their friends as they all took turns hammering the wooden bolts into the holes or just banging the table  with the hammer was enjoyable also.

Loose part play was another interest with our little friends. Stacking rings, shape sorters, blocks and jars. Filling the jars with many different objects was very interesting. Shaking the jars to hear the different sounds of the objects they placed inside, or taking the lids off and putting them back on. Loose part play is an open – ended, easily accessible and fun experience which promotes creativity, self expression and cognitive abilities. Also loose parts promotes team work, sharing and communication skills.
Home corner too being of interest as they busied about in the little kitchen, enabling them to express themselves as they shared ideas and communicated with their friends really enjoying their dramatic play experience.

Today we were very lucky to have Miss Alex joining us. Miss Alex sang some of our favourite songs to us in her language Spanish. We were all very involved and engaged in this fun activity as we moved around doing actions and dancing. Miss Alex sang Heads And Shoulders Knees And Toes, Incy Wincy Spider, Five Cheeky Monkeys and Jump Little Bunnies. This was an amazing cultural experience Thank you Miss Alex!! 

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon!
Have a great afternoon everyone!

love Miss Deb and Miss Alex xxoo 💖💖