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What a lovely cool calm and collected day we have had here in the baby’s room. Two of our friends Poppy and Aston had a very special treat and got to go next door for the whole day to play with Miss Hayley, Miss Stacey and all of our other friends, that left Travis, Nevaeh, Teddy and Max to spend the day in our room with Miss Katrina.
After our morning sleep we ventured outside to play in the front yard, we loved engaging with the stepping stone station which was set up with coloured sand, rice and different toys. Neveah and Teddy had a wonderful time feeling all the different textures of materials paying special attention to the coloured sand. Max was very curious as to what the tunnel was all about, with encouragement from miss Katrina, Max sparkled with delight and happily crawled from one end to the other smiling his very cheeky smile. Travis was super content today and relished the time choosing to go to all the different play stations.
We then sat down for a small group time which consisted of Miss Katrina singing “5 cheeky Monkeys and “if your happy and you know it”. We always love hearing about the cheeky monkeys and we love clapping along.
We then started to do a little bit of Easter art work but our baby’s were showing interest of going back outside to play with our friends from next door. Max and Travis went straight over to the sandpit and were very cute as they participated in social play and were negotiating who was going to use the spade first. Teddy decided to engage in a role playing experience by using the toy phone cubby house to call up his friends. Nevaeh was very cheeky today and loved giving Miss Katrina lots of beautiful cuddles.
Happy Easter everybody and have a wonderful brake!!