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What a lovely day we have had in the baby’s room. We started our day playing g outside in the beautiful sunshine while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Miss Katrina had set up the water play station with whales and other animals that live under the sea to co- inside with our theme of the month “under the sea”. Teddy was a keen participant in this activity having a wonderful time playing with the whale, moving it up and down and into and out of the water, when Miss Amy asked him what he was doing he just smiled. Travis seemed to enjoy this time this morning wondering and exploring all the play areas. He especially enjoyed the chalk drawing area, spending a lot of time there and worked collaboratively with his peers from next door. All the babies did a marvellous job of sharing a creating art as a group.
After we had all arrived we decided to ventured back into our room and wait for our morning tea. While we were waiting Miss Amy thought it would be nice to listen to beautiful chill out music to follow the interest of Max, Amelia and Travis. Music is very important to our growing minds as it helps foster our language development as well as our social, emotional and cognitive development. All our babies seemed to enjoy the lovely music.
We then decided to provide our babies with a whale listening experience. Miss Katrina found a couple of interesting tracks of whales and dolphins singing. Travis, Max, Amelia Grace, Neveah and Teddy all sat in a circle and listened intently as the track started. Amelia Grace was curious as to the sounds as she looked at Miss Katrina a made a “ohhhhh” sound. Max was inquisitive at first but he chooses to go and explore the fun Slippery slide. He was happy and amused as he continued to play and engage in this play area. He then invited his friends Teddy and Travis to join him, had they a great time playing together.
For our group time we sat on the mat in a circle and showed interest as Miss Katrina read “peek a boo monsters and colours”. Joshua had a pleasant time enjoying the company of his friends and seemed happy and content spending this time on this tummy.


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