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Hello families, 

We’ve made it to the end of our first full week! Woohoo! The children have been so great, not only today, but the entire week, so hats off to all the wonderful parents and the even more wonderful babies. It’s not easy settling in to a new environment after some time off but they have all done so well! 

Our morning started in the babies one room, playing with the new gym ball and the bubble machine. At 8:15, we then took the bubble machine outside with us and enjoyed our morning playing in the yard, waving and babbling as all our friends and educators arrived. 

At 9am we ventured into our room and got ourselves organised for morning tea. This morning we enjoyed jelly, yoghurt and fruit. Delicious! 

We then transitioned straight into activity time, ready to start the day! Avery and Onyx had gymnastics this morning, and off they went with lots of excitement. 

We decided to paint today, creating beautiful butterfly effect pictures. The children painted with red, blue and purple, over the entire page using three different types of paint brushes. This was so they could get a feel of different size, textures and grips. We then folded our paintings in half and watched as the painting transferred to both sides of the page! These beautiful artworks are displayed on our wall for all our families to see! 

Miss Stacey then offered play dough on the table for the children to explore. Its easy to tell that this sensory activity is very popular and enjoyed by all. 

Highlight’s of the Day: 

Emilia took her bottles really well! She is settling into kindy extremely well! 

Daisy loved the cooking utensils and using her upper body strength to play in the home corner kitchen. 

Toby loved playing with our new wooden toys. His favourites were the two rescue vehicles and the helicopter. 

Avery loved getting her hair done by Miss Stacey today, she rocked some braids and looked super cute! 

Abbi is settling well. She really enjoys using her voice in the class environment, and loved playing with the maracas and the toy keys, which also made a lot of noise.

Onyx liked playing with the toy guitar. She would wave her arms and kick her legs along to the catchy, up beat music. 

Adam liked being today’s helper. He was eager to get a hold of the paints at activity time and used a wet wipe to clean the floor. Thanks for your help Adam! 

Thank you for a great day and a fabulous week. We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next week. 

Lots of Love,

Miss Sana and Miss Stacey x 

P.s. Don’t forget your family photos! 

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