July 12, 2019 Babies 2 No Comments

Good evening families,

Welcome back to another fun day here in babies two. We hope you all have had a great day so far.

We started our day with lots of happy faces and big cuddles to our educators and friends. We enjoyed listening to music, watching the construction and exploring the yard.

The children were really happy this morning so we decided to stay outside a little longer.

At 9.20 we came inside for some delicious morning tea. The children are behcoming very social during meal times which is lovely to see. 

Daisy and George were then off to tumble tots for the morning whilst Isla went for a sleep. Onyx, Bowie and Emilia put on their hats and headed over to the sandpit yard for some more outdoor fun.

The children sat in the sandpit making sandcastles with Miss Sana and did an excellent job of sharing tools and toys. Well done babes.

Highlights of Today:

Bowie did a lot of self select today, choosing the books he wanted to read and then putting them back in the book shelf when he was finished.

Emilia really loved rolling the coloured balls around the room and then chasing them. Her hand eye co-ordination is improving and we are very proud.

Onyx absolutely loved the sand pit. She enjoyed getting right in the middle of the fun, getting her hands dirty and exploring  through sensory learning.

Daisy headed straight for the babies and prams today. She loved pushing the prams up and down the yard.

George loved listening to music today. He would clap and bend his knees in time to the music.

Isla loved playing with her little friend from babies one, Kade. Together they explored the sensory bottles, shaking them so that they would make noise.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and a reminder our parent teacher interviews are on monday. See you then.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana x

Written by elcbabies3