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Good Afternoon Babies Two Families,

Today in Babies two we began the day with a play in the yard exploring all the fun activities to be had. Soon after the children all came inside for some delicious morning tea.

Today’s sensory activity consisted of painting stars. This involved paddal pop sticks, paint brushes and yellow paint. The children really enjoyed this activity, smearing the yellow paint over the stars. This was a great activity for the children to develop fine motor skills in holding the paint brush. Following the painting we built a cubby house out of sheets. The children were very interested to see what was happening with the sheets. Shortly after our play inside we all went back outside for a play until lunch.

Once lunch was had the children all laid down for some much deserved rest. This afternoon we will all join in the babies one yard to see where else our curios minds will take us.

See you all next week for some more fun adventures.

Miss Aimee, Miss Elizabeth 🙂